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What do Students want from Online Classes?

The advancement of technology in education has been helping the students all over the world, in pursuing the education of their choice, irrespective of their location. Another way in which ed tech proved itself to be a life saver was when we had to come up with an alternative for offline classes. Since the beginning of the year 2020 students have been glued to their laptop screens and other digital devices. Yes! Students are hooked watching their favourite Netflix shows but, online classes are the major reason. The switch from traditional classroom to online education is indeed radical. The question is what do teachers & students want from online classes. The concept of online tuitions in India is still very novel.      

A growing number of students are taking online classes every day. Schools, colleges & other educational institutions have turned to online learning, to deliver the classes. Switching from offline to online classes was a challenging task for both the teachers & students. Online learning is immensely different than studying in a classroom.

We took the feedback from various students taking online tuitions at our website. The students were requested to share their views on what they like about online learning & what improvements they would want in online classes they take at e-Tuitions, in their school classes, universities or other online classes platforms like us. Here, we will write about the expectations of students from online classes.

1. Good online class experience

It sounds so simple right? Yet, only a teacher can understand the complexities behind it. But this is simply what students look for. Conducting an online live class sounds easy, and it is. Delivering a lesson, where students understand everything being taught and look forward to the class, should be the objective of teachers. How this goal is to be achieved, depends on the online tutor and the individual student or group being taught.

2. Hold the pace

One thing which we always tell teachers, taking online classes in private and group classes is, to be aware of the pace the students learn at. Some students are proactive and prepare for the class, while others wait for the topic to be taught in the live class and then study it on their own. Online teachers need to understand that every student is different and learns in a different manner and pace. Some learn through practice questions and some would expect from the teacher to take them through an exercise in the textbook. Students require teachers to understand that.

3. Interactive class

In the online mode of classes, usage of power point presentations has become relevant. PPTs have always been used in offline classes too. They in fact are a good tool to be used in classes. Presentations provide the required information to be given to the students. They are also a great help for teachers, to be prepared for every lecture. But just displaying it on the screens for the students, and expecting them to understand everything on their own isn’t a good idea. Many of our students always appreciate the teachers who use presentations or any other material and simultaneously explain the concepts.

4. Discussions

Students enjoy the lessons which include discussions. It lets them communicate and understand. Discussions, when held at regular intervals let the students engage. Encouraging the students to discuss things can also be a good method of taking feedback from them. Online tutors can gather the information, on what their pupils are able to grasp & where they want further explanation.

5. Quizzes

Quizzing is both fun & crucial for students. It has academic benefits as it tests the knowledge of students. A quiz also helps in increasing the student engagement. So, if a teacher pulls up a fun quiz every now and then, it will help him/ her to assess the students. Plus, it will help the teacher in waking up the sleepyheads. All the students will surely agree with us!

6. Collaboration with peers

It’s always enjoyable for students to collaborate with each other. Whether in school or college, students always find it exciting when assigned to work with each other. So, grouping students and assigning them small projects to work upon, is a method of teaching them to work in teams. Each member in a group can be given a task he/ she would be responsible for. Students show tremendous improvement in learning after such activities. At various online education websites, coding teachers and teachers giving science classes, always give a group project to students.

7. Being asked what they expect from the class

When a teacher asks the students about their expectations from a lecture, it gives them time to think over how they want a subject to be taught. Students get to understand the subject, whether they find the subject easy, difficult or simply impossible to understand. It provides them the opportunity to think over the challenges they are facing in understanding a subject. Once students share their expectations with the teachers, it will help the latter in designing the material for the lecture.

8. A little bit of this & that

Few other things which our dear students have mentioned, while they mentioned the classes, they take at our online learning platform are: They like that the teachers follow a tailored approach for all of them and for every chapter. Few of the students, especially the ones taking online courses such as coding classes or language classes like the little gaps of 10-15 minutes given between classes. Few subjects like online math classes require some time for the students to process the information. It limits their screen time too.

Schools & colleges might implement a hybrid form of learning, which will be a blend of both online and offline classes. To get fruitful results from online classes, teachers will have to plan things out carefully. Online classes are definitely the future of learning, but we can not afford to leave a single student behind.

By : e-Tuitions Learning Pvt Ltd